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"I think it's ergonomically correct. It fits the dog and doesn't slide like other packs. Bright and friendly colors. Easy to clean. Handle is cushioned and very easy on the hands." 

- Liz, service dog user
  Phoenix, AZ

"The classi pack is the only harness that has been easy for me to put on my dog. It is made of lightweight, durable fabric that is machine washable. The hidden pocket is fantastic and the "Please don't pet me" sign prevents me from having to constantly instruct strangers. The adjustability of the webbing makes custom fitting my dog, easy!"

- Diane, service animal user
  Phoenix, AZ

I have to tell you that your pack is awesome! That hidden pocket is a life-saver when we travel. I can keep my passport and other items very safe. "

- Jodi, service dog user
  Newton Center, MA

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