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The Classi PackŪ Dog Back Pack (harness) was created out of my own personal need for something classy and easy to put on and remove from my dog. Below is a list of special features that will show you exactly why I feel this is the BEST Dog Pack available today.

Two-in one Dog Pack with removable side pouches. Has adjustable neck, shoulder and chest straps. Also four zippered pockets, and one additional hidden pocket for your convenience. Easy care, machine washable fabric in a beautiful palette of color choices: Red, Orange (Manderin), Yellow (Saffron), Green (Emerald), Blue (Blue Jay), Teal (Turqupose), Royal Blue (Mariner), & Purple (Amethlyst).

Special features offered for Working Dogs: (Service, Hearing or Guide Dogs)
Adaptable to certain clip-on style, rigid guide dog harness handles.

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Dog Pack Front
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Dog Pack Handle Loop

Enlarge Photo

Eight-inch length-adjustable, removable padded handle attaches in many locations to accomodate individueal needs.
Dog Vest Hidden Pouch
Enlarge Photo
Removable pouches with hidden pocket underneath.
Dog Vest Side Pouch
Enlarge Photo
Large, easy-to-grasp
D-Rings on adjustable straps.
Please don't Pet Sign or logo
Enlarge Photo
**We can also include your Business Logo* on the side pouches and "Please don't pet me" sign on top of the Packs. (for orders of *50 or more **additional cost and delivery time)
Dog Side Puches
Enlarge Photo
Side pouches with zippered pockets.

*We prefer orders to be in quantities of 50 or more. Individual, Single-Pack orders subject to availability.

**Special Discounts for orders of 100 or more. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

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